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DESDE 1980

Since 1980, the side who makes Brasilia grow.


Evolution is our brand

“IMAGENS PROMOÇÕES” (IMAGE PROMOTIONS) operates since 1980 in the segment of organization, planning and development of projects for national and international congresses, as well as creating and implementing standardized assemblies and built stands. The company became the market leader in the events in Brasilia, catering not only to the Federal and State Governments, the associations that promote their congresses and conventions as well.

With widely known services, IMAGENS has the differential of competence and the highest standard of quality offered to customers. All combined with a strategy capable of adding agility, punctuality, innovation and sophistication to the services performed.

IMAGENS PROMOÇÕES is an absolute benchmark in the segment of corporative events on the Federal District, in Brasília. In addition, providing personalized service, conveying credibility and security relations with its traditional partners.

The company is in constant innovation to represent well the customer and meet their needs.