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DESDE 1980

Since 1980, the side who makes Brasilia grow.


The fairs to us are as a showcase for the presentation of a company, in order to intensify its business activities. For this reason, we operate in complete planning, decorating stands and mounts exhibitions and fairs. Besides that, we handle issues related to environmental conservation as saving water, light, separation of recyclable waste and reusing materials.

Strategic planning of events;
Organizational management of events;
Implementation of events;
Organization and various services for graduation events;
Development of projects;
Infrastructure for event production and assembly of exhibitions, congresses and promotional booths.

We advise on site selection and the best structure for your event become memorable, seeking references on what is best in the national market. All spaces are studied carefully so that your event is held in a comfortable and safe environment.
We have excellent suppliers, as well as a strict supervision over the mounts and achievements. Our partners are able to offer solutions in the operational stage of organizing an event. The goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the creation, production and execution of various marketing materials such as banners, invitations, totems, displays, signage and other. In this specific work, we study the positioning of your brand, guiding them to be competitive, unique and impactful, in order to convey a message in a clear and objective way to intended audience.
The projects are developed to match the brand relationship with constumers, developing creative and innovative projects in order to meet their demands and needs.

We offer innovative and customized solutions for your event. We create the perfect ambience, involving participants in the theme set with highly trained professionals who specialize in the creation, development and execution of all kinds of scenarios. The job offered seeks to compose attractive and unique spaces. To optimize costs and avoid waste, try to use materials that can be recycled or reused.

If you want your event turns into a unique and unforgettable atmosphere, we execute decor projects with sophistication, creativity and good taste. Our projects are customized to meet your needs and expectations, offering original ideas that are adapted to every style and environment. With this, we create designs in decorating of theme parties, corporate events, dinners, conventions, congresses, seminars and whatever else you may need.

The architectural and graphic designs are created with knowledge of venues and environments, leveraging their brand and turning it into opportunities of great presence and impact.
We work in the creation and development of projects, providing labor, skilled labor for assembly and disassembly of structures, furniture, decorative accessories, banners, totems and all visual information that enhance your product or your business.

Preparation and planning are basic requirements for conducting a quality event. To ensure that your event is done with great competence and responsibility, each step of the process is followed by a team of qualified professionals who work in various areas, such as:

Organization; Audio visual equipment, sound equipment and computers;
Management of registration; Furniture;
Logistics of the event on site; Support rooms and VIP rooms;
Employment of human resources; Stands for exhibition of materials;
Installation of stages, booths and offices; Signaling;
Design, lighting, sound, and photography; Master of Ceremonies;
Management and coordination of assembly and disassembly of infrastructure; Media Relations;
Services of lockers and other needs of the project; Safety;
Ceremonial opening; Professional cleaning and preservation among others.
Opening Cocktail;  
Coffee break;